Olivia Tripp-Morrow

Olivia Tripp Morrow studied at Syracuse University, graduating cum laude with a BFA in Sculpture in December of 2012. Morrow's most recent works are video and sculptural installations inspired by themes of the body and memory, as well as feminism and sexuality. Her materials and their physical properties guide her formal decisions to make site-specific and immersive sculptural installations, which primarily consist of donated women's clothing and other textiles. Elaborating on the previous personal histories associated with the textiles, her works aim to re-contextualize their sentimentality by deconstructing the fabric in order to create a palette of new material, which is then stretched, wrapped and woven over various armatures. Meticulous by nature, Morrow develops her work with intuitive experimentation; The completed pieces are not predetermined when she begins working, but rather they are the end results of her experimental processes.


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