Kelly Towles

Kelly Towles, a leading Washington, D.C. artist, has literally painted the town since moving to the Nation’s Capital in the late 1990s. His murals, showcased on area buildings and garage doors, and paintings, displayed in local galleries and businesses, are electrically playful. From partnerships with DC Brau Brewing Company, Graffiato, Toki Underground, and D.C. United, to working with the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the Greater Washington Creative Community Initiative to revitalize neighborhoods using his creative energy, he is focused on sharing his passion for street art while making an impact on the local community.

Towles’ characters range from the traditional to the fantastical, retaining hints of people, places, and things that positively influence his life. His works show a broad scope of animation by depicting his take on classical portraiture, personified everyday objects, and abstracted figures. Regardless of the subject matter, the artist’s background in graffiti art weaves through all of his work, a constant reminder that art is his outlet.


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