The Experiment Series gives artists across an endless range of disciplines the opportunity to interpret a creative challenge, or "prompt" in a space that is constantly re-imagined. The project begin and end with no creative boundaries. Each exhibition is a fresh start.

Find the 11th Dimension

DATE: May 13, 2017

VENUE: L2 Lounge

LOCATION: Washington, DC


We are all familiar with four dimensions: our three spacial dimensions plus time. What we are less familiar with are seven hidden dimensions. Over the years physicists have attempted to explain all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature in one theory by modelling them as vibrations of tiny strings. This unified theory or "M-Theory" is only possible in an 11-dimensional vibration field. Find the 11th Dimension.


For the third iteration of our experiment series, we challenged artists to explore the concept of the ‘11th dimension’.  This concept among superstring theorists represents the stable state in which all models of particle physics reconcile, with a few additional undiscovered particles. By this very nature, the prompt translates to -- find the missing particles that make the theory whole -- find the missing elements that make your artistic theory whole. 

The artists were challenged throughout the development of their concepts up until the exhibit, where for the first time, some of the District’s most trusted art thinkers led a discussion around the works.  This allowed the artists to explain their source of inspiration, their creative process, all whilst developing a deeper dialogue. Outputs ranged from augmented reality concepts, to collaborative installations, despite the whole feeling curiously unified. Indeed, Experiment Three demonstrated the existence of 11 dimensions.



Robin Bell

Stephen Benedicto

Vince Farquharson

Suzanne Firstenberg


Clarence James

LA Johnson

Armin Kuljis

Carlos Lopez

Katherine Mann

Rachel Schmidt

Gabriel Unger

Malissa Wilkins

Can Yildirim



Ashwin Khosa

Dap the Contract



Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez


Visual Concept: CROSS