The Experiment Series gives artists across an endless range of disciplines the opportunity to interpret a creative challenge, or "prompt" in a space that is constantly re-imagined. The project begin and end with no creative boundaries. Each exhibition is a fresh start.

What You See Is What You Feel

DATE: February 4, 2017

VENUE: Angelika Pop-Up

LOCATION: Washington, DC


What you see is what you feel. Or is it?


Our second experiment aimed to focus on the senses, and explore in-depth the idea of ‘seeing’ and/or ‘feeling’. Although seeing is mostly considered to be a purely visual function of our eyes, we believe that the to truly see, one must first begin to understand what it is they are looking at contextually. Context can be considered a catalyst for improving perception, thereby deriving more meaning, and more feeling. Both seeing and feeling are inherently tied to thenotion of comprehension. Perhaps the prompt could also be explained as The more you see, the more you feel. 

We implored the artists to leverage the unorthodox setting of a movie theatre to deliver memorable interpretations of this prompt. Our visual artists were able to make use of the cinema screens at their disposal, whilst other exhibits ranged from virtual reality, to performance art. Although the prompt was centered around ‘seeing’, Experiment Two evoked a wide range of senses.



Matt Corrado

Mathew Curry

Maps Glover

Umit Gulsen

JaMon Jackson

Clarence James

Tony Mendez

Kasey O'Boyle

Ricardo Real



Dap the Contract

Philip Goyette



Rafael Smith


Visual Concept: RESONANCE


Umit Gulsen