The Experiment Series gives artists across an endless range of disciplines the opportunity to interpret a creative challenge, or "prompt" in a space that is constantly re-imagined. The project begin and end with no creative boundaries. Each exhibition is a fresh start.

People Prefer Bright Things

DATE: November 18, 2016


LOCATION: Washington, DC


People prefer bright things. Explain.


Usually when we think of the word ‘bright’ we think of something that is light, or shining. However, we encouraged the artists to abstract this definition and approach the notion of ‘bright’ as an idea that is subject to the individual that is making the interpretation. In reality, every phenomenon is considered bright by at least one person.

We worked closely with the artists to develop their pieces for this experiment, and each artist’s unique interpretation of the prompt was further refracted through their medium of choice. From mixology to screen printing,  to collaborative wall art, we saw a diverse set of applications related to the prompt, ranging from conventional interpretations to radical viewpoints. Experiment One demonstrated that people do prefer bright things, but seldom in a traditional sense.



Michelle Elizabeth


Jamon Jackson

Claire Lejeune

Enne Remener

Rafael Smith






Chris Nitti

Brandon Showell



Interactive Concept: BRIGHT

Guests explained their interpretation of BRIGHT.