Eddy Boegart

Eddy Bogaert is a mixed media painter who draws inspiration from nightlife, lust, desire, and pop-culture. His paintings are interactive and have discreet subliminal messages, which can only be seen under certain lighting conditions. Often working with the themes of “public persona” and “the truth,” Eddy explores these concepts by creating each piece as a series of layers utilizing a variety of materials such as acrylic paint, spray paint, nail polish, resin, markers, canvas, and wood. Colors flow in every direction to create a chaotic balance. He feels that the act of artmaking is part of his pursuit of happiness, exploring how deep he can go into the subconscious in order to reveal his inner being. Eddy’s unique approach and visual aesthetic have led him to be compared to abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock as well as contemporary artists such as Mr. Brainwash, Sam Francis, and Prince Láuder, yet his style is unique and enlivening. Currently Eddy resides in New York City and is represented by the arts entity and magazine Posture.


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