Fabiola Alvarez Yurcisin

Fabiola is an artist that utilizes what human progress sheds.  Her work repurposes obsolete recording materials, like typewriter ribbon and video and audio cassette tapes.  The panels, cages, and nets that she weave are reflective surfaces that question the speed in which we produce, consume, and discard our technologies.

Fabiola creates objects that respond to systems that want to keep us under control or within certain limits.  By building metaphors that explore the caging relationship we have with the natural world, she explores the impossibility of our superiority to nature.  Art is her way of translating between the disposable synthetic world, and the cyclical natural world.  She uses hi-tech residue to question the sustainability of a society based on consumption.

Weaving allows her to saturate space and ask the viewer to discover the unavoidable relationship between the inner-outer walls of her pieces.  She intentionally pour copious labor into her pieces to mimic the way ivy grows on the bark of trees.  The precise and deliberate construction of her work is visually persuasive. 

Fabiola's work lives between her intuitive home of Mexico and my rational home of the United States.  She does not remember a time in her life when she did not have a compulsion to make things with her hands. Creating art is her vocation.  Making guides her energy to expand my understanding of the interdependency of all living things.


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