The Abstract Series is an ongoing project that sees Fathom collaborate with artists to create immersive, site-specific experiences. Each Abstract will challenge artists to produce large-scale exhibits and performances that audience members can experience concurrently. Abstract aims to blur the boundaries between these experiences and reality.


DATE: April 29, 2018

VENUE: Flash

LOCATION: Washington, DC


1a (1) : the act or process of moving; especially : change of place or position or posture studying the movement of planets (2) : a particular instance or manner of moving was entranced by her graceful movements
b (1) : a tactical or strategic shifting of a military unit : maneuver (2) : the advance of a military unit the steady movement of troops across the border
c : action, activity —usually used in plural carefully watched the movements of the crowd


For our inaugural Abstract, we travelled to DC sanctuary Flash, for a sunset engagement. The experience was led by performance art from S.J. Ewing and Dancers, whose exhibit used motion capture technology and video projection in conjunction with contemporary dance to address the connection between our intangible interior lives and the physically constructed environments we have built.

The experience also featured a 360-degree projection mapping installation from visual artist Robin Bell, who transformed the main room at Flash into an amorphous world. 

Music was spearheaded by a headlining set from French deep house stalwart Sébastian Léger, a member of the fittingly titled electronic music label All Day I Dream. Léger was supported with live music from alternative RnB crooner Mr. Daywalker, and sets from DC locals Jon Swink, Philip Goyette, Jandro, Rafael Smith and M_K.


SJ Ewing

Robin Bell


Sébastian Léger

Jon Swink



Philip Goyette

Rafael Smith